Wednesday 15th May

Nan's Knitwear

On a snowy day in March, we were lucky enough to hang out with SUPER model Felicity Hayward who was in town on a commercial shoot. Flicking through her portfolio is like reading all your favourite magazines at once, Felicity has featured in Vogue Japan, Numero and graced the cover of i-D. She’s worked with Patrick Demarchelier, Miles Aldridge, Dan Jackson and Rankin.

Born in the ‘90s with her heart firmly in the ‘50s, she embodies all that is kitsch, yet classic. A modern day Mansfield – most at home at the Pink Palace, in Margate’s Palm Bay.


But here’s a thing. When she’s not modelling or being beside the seaside Felicity runs a knitting business with her Nan, Sybil. Last Christmas (we’re singing here) Sybil knitted Felicity a turban, she loved it and so did everyone she knew - she decided to set up Nan’s Knitwear so Sybil could make and sell her turbans online.

“[My nan] is 82 years young and the most inspirational woman I know. [She] isn’t a wealthy woman, she has a rubbish pension and very rarely treats herself. She is a very talented lady and doesn’t know it. She made all the clothes for her children when they were young. Back in those days you needed to learn a skill to survive as money was so tight.” As well as giving Sybil a platform for her talents, Felicity is also keen to promote what can still be considered an old-school skill to a younger generation “Nowadays it’s the complete opposite, cheap clothes are made and child labour is endorsed in other countries. The whole system is messed up. If we don’t make a difference now what will the next generation know, everything is too easily available for us now, we have all become lazy.”

Felicity and Sybil source their wool from friends, relatives, the local market and charity shops – based on the orders that come though online, Felicity lets Sybil know what they need to stock up on “Usually I will say something like ‘we need a mustard yellow like Colemans, or pink like candyfloss, or royal blue like the blue on birds custard!’”. Felicity runs the website, processes all the orders and takes a trip back home once a month to pick up all the stock.

Every penny made goes straight to Sybil. “[I love] giving the most modest and wonderful woman in the world a sense of purpose, I don’t think she realises how powerful and brilliant she is. Our OAPS are the most treasured things!”

We think Felicity is a bit of a treasure too!

Nan’s Knitwear is on Facebook and you can place an order on Etsy. Felicity is also on Facebook and Twitter.

We’re also everso excited to announce that we’re currently working on a knitwear collaboration with Felicity and Brighton based artist, Lou Taylor.

Check back soon <3

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