About WMJ

WMJ creates bespoke sweaters and dresses. We start with one basic pattern and then work with you to apply your trading binary options designs, images or simply your ideas to create a one-off custom piece of knitwear. Your jumper or dress will be the only one in the world.

Call us old fashioned but we’re hand knitters at heart and we can do whatever you like. We can knit words, or pictures, or patterns, or ensure there are no patterns at all. We can create textures, knit cables, sew on sequins or beads or pom poms…

We love wool, of course we do, but we can knit with (almost) anything – pure wool, mixed fibres, acrylic, nylon, cotton or silk. Knitwear is IT-wear, whatever the weather.

We love a challenge and we’ll try anything binary options training once. No sweat (shop)

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